Boo Boo Who?

You may not see me around the camp very often, but I’m here. Originally known as Kristen Joy¬†Griffith I am the founders’ granddaughter. My father was the first Camp Director and he started the summer camp program. Then lo and behold the camp board went and hired my fiancee as their new Camp Director in 1999 and so while I changed my name to Kristen Joy Wilks and went to Canada for Bible college for a couple of years I zipped right back to the camp with Scruffy (my husband) and they haven’t been able to get rid of me yet. My camp name is Boo Boo and I have worked in the dish pit, as a CIT, camp counselor, women’s counselor, and most recently the blog person and amateur camp photographer. Scruffy and I have three fierce boys and most of my time is spent herding them hither and yon, but while I may not be over at the camp all the time I am around and if you get snowed in … yes we have room on our couch, but you might have to fight our large and slobbery dog for the best spot.

Boo Boo


When I’m not blogging or chasing the campers around trying to catch the perfect photo, you can find me curled up in an overstuffed chair writing a wide variety of implausible tales. Please feel free to visit me at or at the camp, whichever is closer.¬†

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