The Mysteries of the Camp Bible Cupboard

At our Labor Day work retreat I strove to organize the Bible Cupboard and realized that the Bibles contained therein tell the story of the many years that the camp has been a place to rest, be inspired, and learn about the mighty power and inexplicable love of God. The camp has purchased a few copies here and there, but most of the Bibles in the Camas Meadows Bible Cupboard arrived here naturally, ie. in the hands of forgetful campers. 

Camas Meadows Bible Camp was founded in 1973 and a few Bibles attest to the presence of those earliest campers. Bell bottoms, hair parted in the middle, and bubble letters adorn them, but the word of God contained within is the same.

Next came the 80’s with Precious moments and Cartoon Jesus.

Then the 90’s, brought us The Adventure Bible, rock climbing Bible, Hand’s On Bible, Lots of calming wheat fields, and the Teen Devotional Bible.

Finally, the 2000s left us with an assortment of leather hiker’s Bibles, the chrome diamond plating Bible, and of course a Bible decorated with torn purple scrap book paper.

Whatever decade brought them, these Bibles remind us of the campers who have come and gone and perhaps come back as counselors, speakers, dishwashers, cooks, and the amazing group of hard workers that fuel the camp work retreat weekends. The Bible covers change, but the Word of God remains powerful and fresh. The camp experience remains essentially the same as well. Friends and fun, indoor and outdoor games, learning from God’s word, and delighting in the beauty of God’s creation. After cleaning out the dust and any copies that were too torn to use, I returned the Bibles to the cupboard. It is good to remember our past as we press forward and I love that when a camper forgets his or her Bible at home, the campers who came before have left plenty of Bibles to choose from.



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