Work Retreat

This weekend is our fall work retreat. The boys and I will be outside with a bunch of other volunteers pulling weeds, scrubbing mattresses, washing windows, cleaning out “The Bat Cave”, and doing whatever else is required to get the camp ship shape for our winter rental season.

This may not seem like a big thing, but work retreat is huge. This camp was built mostly during work retreats. Where other camps have a denominational backing and the money that goes with that, we have a rag tag collection of dedicated volunteers from many different churches. These volunteers built our small lodge our three cabins, our large lodge, the shop where we work on camp vehicles, and the staff house where our family lives.

They give up a fun sunny weekend for a whole bunch of hard, thankless work and the things that God does here at camp, every glorious moment is made possible by their toil. So thank you. Everyone who is here, who has every been here, and who will someday be talked into coming up to sweat and hurt and bleed over piles of firewood and closets overflowing with skit costumes. You are doing Kingdome work. Camp couldn’t happen without you!


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