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The Boys at Lake Valhalla


Our family just went on a hike to lake Valhalla last Saturday. We donned our packs and herded our three wild-walking-stick-wielders and headed up the trail. There were heavy rains the night before and a plethora of strange and lovely mushrooms carpeted the ground. Each mushroom was considered a photo worthy event and I took 28 fungus photos before I finally convinced the boys that we had properly documented that particular mushroom bloom.

This adventure did take away my blogging time. But it also reminded me of why we have camp. Well, one of the reasons at least. And gave me something to say.

Romans 1:20–“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made….”

God is here, right in front of us. He can be clearly seen in the shocking variety of mushrooms, in the cold rocky stream where the boys floated sticks, in the long lean mountain lion and the puffy whistling marmot. He is in the crisp alpine wind snatching through our hair as we topped the ridge and finally looked down upon lake Valhalla and His handiwork is spread out bold before us in the deep crystal waters that plunge suddenly into darkness two feet out from the rock where we ate our lunch.

And we hold in our hands a small bit of God’s glory, here at camp, to share with each camper who comes.

God is in the croaking chorus of frogs in the pond at night, the bright spread of stars across the sky, and in worship songs sung outside at Inspiration Point. His glory is clear in the soft rustling of meadow grass under a summer sun, the bright clean blue of the sky against ponderosa pines, and the elk that walk through at dawn.

When your world consists of the inside of a house, a school bus, a car, a classroom, a gymnasium, and the carefully fenced recess toys…it is hard to see God. At camp we are privileged to offer up some of His beauties, and to give campers just a glimpse of God’s many splendors. 


Bull elk during the fires last fall


Boo Boo

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  1. Thanks so much Andy. You definitely should go hiking. It was a pain getting all of our stuff together, but well worth the effort. And thank you so much for all that you have given to make camp ministry happen up here. We love you Mr. Incredible!

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