Fire and Shelves

Well it has been two steps forward and one step back as far as camp improvements go these past two weeks.

One Step Back


A camper with wet gloves thought that the propane heater would make a marvelous glove dryer.

It didn’t.

But due to a camper who went back to his cabin for a pen during chapel, Scruffy managed to douse the flames with water before the whole thing burned down.

Two Steps Forward


Scruffy finished a new shelf for the ladies room.


He was also able to get a new shelf put up for the guys. Either way, through burnt mittens or new shelves, the Lord is good. Although I must confess I prefer the new shelves. 


Boo Boo

1 thought on “Fire and Shelves

  1. Way to Go Scruffy!!! God is good, all the time, when things turn out like we want them to and when they don’t!

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