Camas Staff Reunion 2015

Thanks to the indomitable Hatu, the Camas Staff Reunion of 2015 was both fun and fabulous. Who could resist playing a few of their favorite camp games, even a decade or two later. Yes indeedy, the photo above features camp staff from bygone years with nylon stockings stuffed with tennis balls on their heads. Fun for one and all. 

The weekend also included scenic hikes, meadow games, slip-n-slide, worship, and a Lord of the Rings themed chapel session with Scruffy. It was so wonderful to see our three sons sing the camp songs (with motions) and hear their Dad speak. Usually such things are past their bedtime and so this was a rare treat. Several of the counselors that I served with long ago brought up their own children and a new generation of kiddos galloped through the meadow chasing grasshoppers, gave their folks heart palpitations as they wildly swung golf clubs on the mini golf course, and zipped down the camp slip-n-slide screaming. Thank you so much Hatu and everyone who assisted her. The weekend was marvelous!


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