Brain Food in the Forest


You know that feeling you get when you step outside, take a deep breath of pine-scented air, and set out down a twisting forest path? Well, scientist have been busily studying exactly what that sensation is and why you feel so much better out in the glorious creation that God made. Here are a few of the things they have found.

Hiking in nature reduces negative obsessive thoughts that can lead to not enjoying the moment, depression, and anxiety. Wilderness walks even reduce neural activity in the area of the brain associated with mental illness. Hiking through the city does not have the same benefits.

Hiking through the forest combined with removal from all technology causes subjects to preform 50% better on creative thinking and problem solving tests.

Playing outside in a natural environment reduces the symptoms of ADHD

Outdoor exercise is good for your body, improves memory loss, helps prevent memory loss, reduces stress, boosts self-esteem, and just makes you feel better.

Hiking is also one of the easiest and least expensive sports you can participate in. So get out into the forest and let God wow you with the beautiful things He has made and the beautiful way that our minds respond to the creations of His hand. Or just come to camp! I can guarantee that campers will leave technology behind, get out into the forest, and have the pleasure of getting a glimpse of God. In their study of the Bible, but also in the amazing world that surrounds us.


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