Staff Training 2017

Yesterday, we finished up the most important week of our entire summer.

As well as giving this group of volunteers the skills that they need for two months of service, Staff Training sets the tone for the whole summer of ministry. Over the course of a few days, we have the honor of watching a random group of teens and twenty-somethings form into a mighty group of champions for God’s kingdom. The training is intense. We demand so much of these young people and we are so delighted with how they have risen to the challenge.

My youngest son will be a first time camper this year and it pleases me to no end to see how this staff is preparing to receive him and every camper into their cabins and lives this summer. As you send your own precious little ones off to enjoy the beauty of the woods and the crazy fun of a week of summer camp, remember this staff in your prayers and hearts. They have trained and learned, sought God with open hearts and wept upon their knees before their Lord as they prepared for this summer.

It is a simple thing, a week of camp. Yet, it is also something huge and glorious. A week away from their ordinary world. A glimpse of the beauties of God’s creation. A chance to leap into something delightful and new with people who have eagerly trained for the honor of showing your children a glimpse of God’s love. 


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