Septic Tank Surgery


It started out as a roof problem. The roof in the Bobcat building was inexplicably pulling apart. Then the propane tank simply rolled off the hill where it had been sitting happily for decades. Praise the Lord, the gas had been turned off the day before it took that unexpected tumble. The ground was swollen where the tank had been. Strange, so very strange. 

Jon Torrence, one of our board members came up to assist Choco in fixing the roof. During the repair, they noticed water pooling by the Bear’s Abode stairs near the water spigot. Choco tried shutting off the water and it began leaking under the sidewalk. Only the main valve, closest to the reservoir would shut off the leak. Something was definitely going on. The next day, Jon brought up his excavator and they delved deeper into the problem. 

A broken pipe led to more broken pipe which led to a new sinkhole which revealed a septic tank that had been completely crushed by the force of the leaking water. Consolidated Supply donated a septic tank.There was much digging, moving of gravel, the earth opening up and consuming the dearly purchased gravel, more digging, and the acquisition of still more gravel, followed by additional digging. One dark and stormy night stands out in my mind as I watched Jon and Choco drenched and freezing as they dug in the darkness as a rainstorm rattled the forest around them. There’s nothing like rain in November to show you the meaning of cold.

But praise the Lord, the ground finally dried out (after swallowing an entire load of gravel) and they finally got that septic tank installed and all the surrounding pipe fixed and in good working order. So yeah, the next time you wonder what everyone does up at camp during the off season, now you know. Stuff, there’s just always stuff going on.


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