Spring CamasCon

Scruffy is hauling his 200+ board games back home today. The spring CamasCon is over and now they must all be placed back on the shelf in our dinning room. Scruff started this board game retreat seven years ago because of his personal passion for strategy board games and the people who play them.

Yep, Scruffy is a card-carrying geek. He even has a profile on www.boardgamegeek.com. Christian gamers from all over the state and even a few other places as well, congregate at Camas for a weekend clustered around the camp tables playing games. They nibble snacks that aren’t messy because that would mean food dust on the games. My brother brings up a 3-foot-long gummy worm for everyone to eat and wears his Yoshi sweats the whole time. And pretty much everyone doesn’t sleep.

Jeffery, the youth pastor from Little Stone Church, was the speaker this week and he talked about growing up as one thing and becoming something new in Christ. A story that Scruffy has in common with him. My three sons did the very best quiet sitting that I have ever observed. Usually I must hover around them at camp saying things like: “Sit down. Stop bouncing on the couch and kicking your feet in the air. People don’t like you to sit on their heads and pull their ears while they are playing, boys.” And yes, I did say some of these things…but not the whole time. The boys are growing up into sweet little geeks that make their Daddy proud.

CamasCon is a strange and lovely time of refreshment. Fifty-three campers came, not counting my boys, with at least half of them being new. And yeah, Scruff has to transport his 200+ games back and forth twice a year. But to Scruff it is worth any hassle. How often do you get to play and worship with people who have a passion for exactly the same things that you do? CamasCon provides this service for the geeks that I love.


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