Let It Snow


It's Snowing!

It’s Snowing!

It is snowing outside as I write.

The powdered sugar flakes sifting down at an angle bring a smile and a sigh of relief. Snow is one of those things we pray for here at camp. Will the snow come early enough in the season or late enough to cover those last few camps? Will we have enough snow to run the tube hill before that first rental group? Will we get a sufficient amount of snow to insulate the ground before we get a long cold stretch or will the pipes freeze again? One more thing we must give to God.

We have been praying for snow and our Lord has graciously answered us with a beautiful storm and chilly drifts to soften and cover the ground. While I am out hunting for that last bicycle that one of the boys was sure he put away in October but I’m certain I saw down by the sports court, I will thank Him. This is just what we needed.

Living at a Bible Camp means living on the edge, on trust and hope. Sometimes the power doesn’t work, sometimes the water inexplicably stops and Scruffy and Choco must run up the hillside to figure out what in the world happened with the well, sometimes the pipes freeze in the winter and that involves a whole lot of digging into frozen ground, sometimes there are forest fires in our area, and sometimes it is so hard to send those campers back to their broken homes that we are left zombified and empty of tears at the end of a summer, but God is so good.

God has been gentle and steady and true. He has been taking care of Camas for 40 years and although there seem to be an awful lot of times that we are forced to trust Him because we are out of options and at a loss, sometimes I think this is exactly where he want us. Trusting in our Heavenly Daddy. It is His camp after all.

The snow makes me smile, because it reminds me that He is there. Yes, there have been years that we had to bust out the paintball gear because the snow came late or melted early. But God understands what we need and is always faithful to bring it. The snow reminds me of His constant care and His love for us, the people of His hands.

Isaiah 50:10b–“Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.”


Boo Boo 

2 thoughts on “Let It Snow

  1. Boo Boo,

    So good to read about camp, I’m so glad you write! God put you all on my heart today, twice actually. It’s good to hear how you all still know and hold to the faithfulness of our Lord.
    I go to Moody Bible Institute now and in my speech class I have to give a persuasive speech, explaining a need for a ministry and convincing my peers to vote to give the pool of money we will collect to my ministry. Well, I am going to be sharing about Camas. I am incredibly ecstatic to share the small stories God has given me to share about His work through you all, even though it was just a summer I worked there. I’ll be reading some of your blogs, but I’d be so grateful if you let me know specific needs or share some stories if you are able! Regardless of whatever comes out of my attempt at persuasion, I hope you know the legacy you leave is great, His work is being accomplished through you and I truly believe that God is behind all that happens at Camas. God is the strength of our heart and our portion, forever!
    You will all be in my prayers; your family, the camp family, the camp, the snow, the buildings, the pipes, the electricity, the things less tangible, the everything!
    Hope you feel the love from your sister and from our Lord.


  2. Thanks so much Allegro. We are honored to be a part of your presentation. I’ll e-mail and get you some more info, but I just wanted to let you know that you made my day.

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