Jars of Clay

This was our third week of camp, fourth if you count staff training. Each morning as I sat in staff meeting I would listen to the chorus of coughs around me. Scruffy would pass the vitamin C as counselors would ask for prayer. For energy, for wisdom, for patience. And then later in the day I had the privilege of watching these same weary teens go all out for God.

The above picture of Epona letting a camper douse her with water is just one example. These teens loved you kids this week. They loved my kids this week. Two of my boys gave their counselor a run for his money (well they would have. . . if their counselor had been paid) and we got to hear all about a week full of cabin competitions and pranking and hikes and swimming and horseback riding and paintball. On Thursday Scruffy read this verse to the staff after they stumbled into staff meeting in their Jammy pants with cups of coffee clutched tight in their fists.

2Corinthians 4:7

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”

So true. Without Him that long hike up to Stone Face seems impossible. Without Him that 10th camper to soak you with water seems like the end. Without Him it feels like we struggle in vain. 

A little boy came to Christ this week.

So many other children caught a glimpse of God. In the speaker’s lessons. In the morning devotions. In the songs sung at the highest possible decibel. In the counselors love and care through dust and bees, slip-n-slide and night games, water kickball and that quiet moment walking together down the trail. 

We are jars of clay and yet God does great things with humble vessels. Thank you so much for letting Him work in you. You are an inspiration to me as I struggle along trying to serve God in the every day, trusting that I too can have an eternal impact.


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