Hidden Treasure


There are hidden wonders in this world.

Did you know that?

You did once, I’m sure. When you were a little girl or a little boy and first held a dusty moth in your palm, chased a gliding snake through the grass, or got up early to catch a glimpse of Venus through a pair of battered binoculars. But it is easy to forget.

One of our missions at camp is to make sure that children don’t lose their sense of wonder. To give them a chance to see some of the hidden treasures that fairly shout out the glory of God if we will only seek them out. Pictured above is The Stone Face. Some people call it Indian Head, but I like the name one of our older board members always uses. The Stone Face. Not carved or shaped and yet everyone who takes the time to hike across the meadow and then up a narrow forest trail to the sandstone cliffs above Inspiration point can clearly see the face of a stern Native American warrior. It is baffling and yet plain to see, for anyone willing to walk a half mile out of their ordinary world.


If you hike down the narrow sandstone ridge just past The Stone Face, you will come upon this old snag. Long dead, and covered with lichen, it still stands guard upon the ridge. A home for woodpeckers and other forest creatures, this lovely old tree makes me wonder about the many years that have come and gone beneath its snarled branches. This world contains so much more than just ourselves. The old snag standing sentinel on a barren ridge reminds me of that. God is larger than we thought, working in ways that we cannot begin to imagine. Much has come and gone during the lifetime of this tree, fabulous things and gentle miracles, things that only God knows. I catch a glimpse of the vast wideness of the world when I crouch upon the ridge with my camera, attempting to capture the beauty of this dead giant.


This is what I would wish for you. Perhaps you are not able to take a midnight hike to inspiration point, gaze down at The Stone Face, or pausing on the trail up to Chipmunk Cabin to smell a pine lily, but God has still provided wonders all around you. Gentle reminders of His power and love. Seek them out my friend. Do not rush on by, wrapped up in your own worries and cares, His world is bigger and grander than you realized. Open up your eyes. Hidden treasure is everywhere.


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