10 Years of CamasCon



CamasCon had its 10th Birthday this fall.


Ten years ago, Scruffy had this crazy idea. What if there was a camp for Christian gamers? He looked online and nothing of the sort was available. He started from scratch but nonetheless jumped in with both feet and a prayer. That first fall CamasCon had only twelve campers, but those twelve were hooked. A weekend packed full of board gaming with chapel sessions and good fellowship spoke to a need that we all have. The desire to meet other people who care about the same things that we do. Ten years later Camas Meadows holds three CamasCon gaming retreats a year. Spring, Summer, and Fall. 


So many new people have been introduced to camp through CamasCon. New campers, counselors, and speakers. Folks who can no longer be involved in the regular running of the camp or have become too busy to be camp counselors, still come to CamasCon. It has become a haven. A weekend of rest and recreation with friends and a time for spiritual renewal.


Since this weekend was CamasCon’s tenth anniversary, the retreat ran a little longer. Starting on Thursday and ending on Monday, 54 campers enjoyed delicious food cooked by our wonderful Phyllis Lian and of course a whole mess of board games.


The speaker, Rob Anderson, talked about peace. Shalom. This Hebrew word does not simply mean peace. Wrapped up within the simple greeting is the concept of God’s ideal for the world and everything in it. Shalom. Eden. Original perfection. When someone greeted another with the word Shalom, it was like saying: May God make you whole again, Eden-like, healed, and perfect in His sight, free of brokenness and hate.dscn2241

As you can see, much more occurs at CamasCon than gaming. But it is important to note, there is a whole lot of fabulous gaming.


Not only did we celebrate 10 years of epic board game battles, but also 10 years of fellowship, friendly competition, spiritual growth, and being in a place where you belong, are understood, and are listened to. May the games continue for many years to come!




Boo Boo