Summer Staff Winter Retreat-2017

Winter Camp

A silent night, with the snow sifting soft.

Acoustic guitar, all our hands held aloft.

Fast songs and motions and hair in our eyes.

Polished pine and Christmas lights, together we rise. 



Screams in the dark, as we play in the snow.

A dusting of starlight, leaves an ethereal glow.

Plunging terror as we speed down “The Hill.”

Snow forts and fights, cheeks bright from the chill.

Curling wood smoke and the scent of the sky.

Salty tears and a prayer lifted high.

Goodbye hugs, until next year.

When you drive “Freese’s Hill,” better use first gear.

Del and Autumn’s house on a winter evening



Now that our poetic moment is over, please enjoy these pictures from our 2017 Summer Staff Winter Retreat!





Boo Boo