I’ve done a blog post about Del and Autumn, my dad Greg, Scruffy, Sweet Tea, even about Big Boy the elk. But I have neglected to tell you about my husband’s partner in this ministry, our downstairs neighbor, and the only person who was willing to teach the art of plastic sword fighting to a bunch of sugar-crazed kindergarteners at our youngest son’s birthday party. So…who is Choco?

Choco started out as a camp counselor. On his first night as a C.I.T. he decided to scare some girls who were walking down the dark wooded path toward the campfire. Growling like a rabid bear he lept out of the woods making them scream in a satisfying fashion. Proud of his accomplishment Choco then proceeded down the path thinking that he was safe. Then out of no where, the furious form of Storm (one of our girl counselors) struck with deadly force. She smashed his 6’2″ frame to the ground in a flying tackle that Choco swears was far superior then those doled out on an actual football field. Thus initiated Choco has been with us ever since.

He has been a counselor, our camp intern, he has directed the program, and leads our children in worship. He drives our camp bus, fixes all the vacuums, patches the inner tubes for winter sledding, brings back our electricity when the camp generator has one of its inexplicable catastrophes, and regularly has Nerf wars with my three irrepressible sons. 

Whether it is soothing the soul as he strums his guitar or rescuing us from the horrors of a smoking generator, Choco is a vital part of Camas Meadows. Thank you so much for all you do up here. For helping me clutch start my car, for plowing the road in the winter, and for choosing to laugh instead of growl when my boys run downstairs and jump on you with Nerf swords in hand. Choco, you are a blessing and a gift and we thank God that you came up to camp and haven’t left yet.

And so there he is folks. I present to you…Choco.


Boo Boo